Our Chief Want…

Jody N Holland
2 min readSep 22, 2023

“Our chief want is for someone to inspire us to be what we could be.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have always been drawn to people who bring out the best in me, and who challenge me to strive to move my life forward. Those are the people who help you understand that average should never be a choice you make for yourself. When I was in high school and lifting weights, I paired up with a guy who was in the next weight class up and significantly stronger than me for working out. When another friend asked why I wanted to work out with him, I replied that he made me push myself harder. I wasn’t able to beat him which is exactly why I wanted to try. What was interesting about him as well was that he encouraged me but never “just let me” beat him.

After high school, I wanted to be around people who were top performers in academics, sports, and any area of their life they found important. I wanted to be around them because they inspired me to be more of what I was capable of being. I believe we are wired for forward movement, for striving to be a better version of ourselves, and for discovering what our limits are, and then smashing them. But, I think we need to find the people and the culture that makes that possible.

Just like Emerson stated, we really want to find the people in our lives who will push us to be more of who we are capable of being and to reach for more of our potential. Maybe you are that person for the people in your life. It has been my experience that the people who have meant the most to me we also the people who expected the most of me. Go out today and help another person find their potential!

You’ve got this!

Jody N Holland, M.S. Psychology



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