Shift Your Focus

Jody N Holland
2 min readSep 18, 2023
image of a prism ball shifting the focus on an object in the distance
What we focus on will expand in our lives.

You can either focus on what is bringing you down or what you can do about things to build yourself up.

This was the thought I had this morning as I reflected on several things that went sideways last week. My conscious focus has a great deal to do with the outcomes I will achieve in life. At one point, a client of mine wanted to do a teambuilding at a race track. The instructor who was teaching us made an interesting point that applies to our lives as much as it did to driving a car above 150 mph. He said, “Always look where you are going and never where you don’t want to go.” He was describing that we can easily slam into a wall if we are looking at the wall. Or, we can take the turn smoothly if we are focused on the other side of the turn.

Our focus has to be on the place we want to end up, not on the obstacles in the way, and certainly not on the place we don’t want to be. Think about this in your own life. Are you looking at the potential of failure and struggle, or the potential of success? Where you put your focus will determine where you end up. Where your focus goes, your intentions flow and results show. Take a couple of minutes right now and shift your focus toward the life you want, the success you want, the experiences you want, and let go of the image of what could go wrong. Program your mind to see possibilities. Program your mind to seek out ways to win. Do this and begin to see your positive intentions take root in your life and positive results begin to spring up from those intentions.

You’ve got this!

Jody N Holland, M.S. Psychology



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