The Generosity Loop

Jody N Holland
3 min readFeb 5, 2024

Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote about the scientific process of reshaping the subconscious mind to create better results for your life. Early in my career, I was given a copy of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. It was filled with practices for letting go of past hurts, stresses, and roadblocks. One of the key factors that really struck me, however, was a description of why giving is so critical for creating success in our own lives. His description of how we are to give because it begins the loop of generosity, or the desire for everyone and everything around us to give back. When we give, we create an imbalance in the universe. Since the universe is in perfect balance, the only way to restore balance is to receive. Going in the opposite direction, if we take from others, we also create an imbalance. This one, however, results in others wanting to take from us.

To go a little deeper, this generosity loop doesn’t refer simply to money. When we give the best of who we are in our businesses, others seek out ways to do business with us. When we generously give of our talents, others seek out ways for us to be compensated for those talents. Giving is the process of not holding back any aspect of greatness we could share with others, and then allowing that generosity to flow. When we hold back, it is generally because of fear. This fear of being taken advantage of, or of having too little for ourselves is also met with balance. When fear rules our lives, what the universe hears is that we would be more comfortable with less. Therefore, the next aspect of the generosity loop is to give from a mindset of abundance. Know in your heart and in your soul that more is coming, and trust that it is on the way. Believe in your capacity to create, then take massive directed action toward giving the world the best of who you are and accepting the best in return.

The final piece of the generosity loop is to be grateful for all that you have, regardless of what you have. When we focus on the good, we position ourselves to receive more of the good. A simple exercise to help solidify your place of abundance is to spend a few minutes each morning being grateful for all that you will be able to give during the day, and then a few minutes each night being grateful for all you have in your life. This attitude of gratitude gets you out of a place of comparison, out of a place of jealousy, out of a place of longing for what others have, and into a place of peace for all that you can give and all that you can receive.

Give before you expect to receive. Give the quality you wish to receive. Receive with gratitude every single day.

This simple formula will shift your experience of life and position you for both abundance and peace. In the same way that a galaxy spins in perfect balance with the desire for consistent expansion, we too spin our generosity, ever-expanding our reach and our influence.

To your success!

Jody N Holland, M.S. Psychology



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